January 23, 2014


Happy New Year!


Who can’t be impressed with the efforts of the 2014 Future Leaders thus far? Now into the third week of correspondence, youth and mentors are forging strong bonds through sincere, informative letters. In addition to weekly emails, youth and mentors are stepping up to meet personal get-to-know-you challenges and posting their responses for the whole group through a social media Leadership network. Here is another shout out to Gloria Harris, Selena Perrin, Trina Whiteye, Tyler Pennock, Sean McDermott, Kevin Lindner, Aaron Hohn, and Gilbert “Gitchie” Cheechoo, our amazing mentors. OLI is very cognizant of the time and commitment it takes to be an effective mentor, especially in the face of the high standards and expectations set by this year’s youth. OLI commends the work of these mentors for keeping pace with weekly tasks and sharing sage and timely advice with their mentees.


FL youth have signed their contracts, making official their engagement as dancers for Inez at the 2014 Indspire Awards. Tracee Smith will be choreographing the closing number for more than twenty Indigenous dancers, including the Future Leaders. Cody Berry (Ottertail), a former OLI youth and one of the “original five” in the inaugural 2008 Outside Looking In show, who is now pursuing professional training and looking to postsecondary studies in Dance, will also be taking to the stage.

By all accounts, Future Leaders youth are looking forward to both the physical and mental challenges of participating in a high profile gala show. How fitting that the Future Leaders will be on stage at an event that recognizes the many talents possessed by Indigenous people in Canada! The 21st annual Indspire Awards gala night takes place on Friday March 21, 2014 at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The live show is filmed in preparation for a later Indspire broadcast. 

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