Ramping up in Lac La Croix

December 4, 2013

Marking the beginning of Lac La Croix First Nation’s 6th year in Outside Looking In, Lac La Croix’s program launch this November saw choreographer Kristian Dalisay instructing both new and returning students from grades 8 to 12, while reconnecting with parents, volunteers, and community supporters, and meeting the new principal and members of the school staff. webIMG_7026

With Kristian’s second visit behind him and his third coming up before the holidays, Lac La Croix youth are well on their way to making OLI rehearsals, regular attendance, and academic performance part of their weekly routines. We applaud the volunteer team for stepping forward to support Lac La Croix students, parents and siblings for providing food and water to fuel the dancers, and community leadership for recognizing and promoting opportunities for personal growth and remarkable experiences for their youth.

 We hope you are marking your calendar and saving the date because this year’s annual show on May 14th and the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto is already shaping up to be an epic event.

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