Outside Looking In Program

Outside Looking In is:

  • CANADA-WIDE National based organization
  • INDIGENOUS – We work solely with Indigenous youth in communities, organizations, Friendship Centres, and Public School Boards across Canada
  • EDUCATION – We provide a high school credit program for Grade 7 & up
  • DANCE – We recruit the most talented choreographers across the country to teach our youth the latest dance moves!
  • HEALTH – We engage youth in regular physical activity and promote healthy eating habits
  • LIFE SKILLS – We teach youth about commitment, perseverance and hard work
  • EMPOWERMENT – We guide youth on a journey to academic achievement, well-being and prosperous futures
  • PERFORMANCE – We invite audiences to celebrate the success of our youth at our culminating annual event in Toronto

OLI Program Process

  1. Communities, organizations and friendship centres (COFC) apply through a written application process.
  2. If approved, OLI staff begin weekly conference calls with each community partner to plan for program implementation.
  3. OLI launches program and youth begin dancing; youth learn about program requirements (academics, attendance, behaviour, choreography) and about the goal to travel to Toronto to perform with youth from across Canada; OLI staff conduct an orientation for all volunteers involved in the program.
  4. Each community has a designated dance instructor who travels bi-weekly/monthly to work with the youth 2 hours per day for 5 days a week over 6-8 months.
  5. Over the course of the 6-8 month program implementation, program managers run weekly scheduled conference calls with volunteers. During monthly visits by the program manager, youth are assessed on academic progress, attendance, dance performance and behaviour.
  6. If youth have met all requirements, they travel to Toronto for 2 weeks where they engage in daily rehearsals to prepare for the annual performances in downtown Toronto. Youth also partake in exciting camp activities and other offsite excursions (ie. Canada’s Wonderland, Blue Jays Games, etc).
  7. OLI youth perform at matinee and evening performances in downtown Toronto where they are the stars of the show. They have their hair and make-up done by professionals, are in full costume, and have over 3000 audience members cheering them on!

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