Outside Looking In Curriculum

The OLI program is now being run as a credit course so youth can contribute the course towards their Secondary School diploma. OLI works with the Ministry of Education to develop OLI based courses that meet curriculum expectations. For example, Ontario’s Ministry of Education has approved ten courses developed by OLI to allow youth who are successful in the OLI program to earn secondary school credits. These credits include the Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Guidance and Career Education.  Additionally, “reach-ahead credits” are available for grade 7 and 8 students.

OLI requires all participating communities, friendship centers, organizations or schools to implement at least one OLI credit course to provide an additional and creative method to support academic success of youth. OLI staff work with the leadership to train staff, plan a credit course, and ensure that the program runs efficiently during the programming year. The OLI program can become part of the school day or be run as an after school activity, depending on the needs and planning strategies of the community, organization, friendship centre, or school.

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