OLI: A Community-Driven Program

Outside Looking In (OLI) believes that given the chance to earn an opportunity through hard work, effort, drive and commitment, Indigenous youth will build pride, esteem and surpass even their own expectations. But within this opportunity, there must be a structured and unwavering unit of support and motivation from people who want the best for their youth. Illustrated in the diagram below, OLI (outer circle) works from the outside with other respective parties to benefit the youth (innermost circle). Before OLI can guarantee positive outcomes for youth through the program, our staff works with all the outer circles supporting the youth to ensure that they are organized, committed and fully on-board with running our program. Our program is very intensive, both in duration and frequency, since it is run as a high school credit. Our decisions, actions, motivations, and negotiations are centered on what is going to be the best for our youth. It is imperative that OLI and the volunteers always focus and remain committed to the core circle: YOUTH.

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