Mentee and Mentor Testimonials

Mentor Testimonials

  • Bombarded with amazing knowledge. Very impressed with Jess! Her life vision is awesome! Loved the squirrel story.”  – Maureen Hatherley
  • Wonderful experience! Definitely enjoyed getting to know Chelsea. Its great to see youth have goals and dreams and work hard towards them.”  – Jenny Decontie
  • I was amazed by how determined Jared was at the age of 15, he inspired me so much!”  – Chaz Sullivan
  • I learned about how much it takes for a young person to give their family, especially when they have a sibling that is sick and can’t spend time in their home. I also learned that given the chance to shine, the youth can exceed your highest expectations. He really came out of his shell and it was amazing to see the young man he has become.”  – Nidhi Tandon
  • I was impressed by Tye’s maturity and willingness to share. He is learning important habits and life skills.”  – Sean McDermott
  • Through their communication you could see that they really want to be in the program and really learn about themselves and being a leader.”

Mentee Testimonials

  • I would love to do it again as it has made some of the best memories that I will never forget. I have become more of a leader and a much better dancer.” – Cody Monias
  • From the first year, I couldn’t believe that I was like that and right now as I’m writing this, I know myself. I did so many things that have made me a better me than who I was three years ago.” – Jaylin Wood
  • One of the things I like about the program is you become closer to the people you already met and make new friends, and have responsibilities in my hands and guide the other students to a good path. Honestly, I have to say that I improved on manners. Before OLI I haven’t said “excuse me” or “thank you” or “you’re welcome”. You see OLI isn’t just about dancing – it shows what you’re capable of and it shows how your personality is. It has encouraged people to see what they can do in life.”
  • From the beginning I’ve heard it would be difficult and it was. But after the whole thing it wasn’t so bad. It was a great opportunity. I’ve developed many skills.” Cheyanne Lalman
  • OLI affected my school work very much. It has made me finish my school work. It affected my life outside of school as well. Gave me good behaviour.” – Gabriel Wood
  • Everything seems more easier after the program, I have the ability of being capable of doing anything.” – Bradley Monias
  • I feel more determined, I set deadlines for myself and I reach them. I’m more out of my shell. I’m more outgoing that I ever was before.” – Dehmin Eshkawkogan
  • OLI helped me to believe in myself more. I actually came up with my own choreo! Now I can feel more confident in doing things back home like pursuing my goal in heading to college.” – Brigitte Neganigwane

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