What Is The Alumni Talent Program?

Alumni Talent is a new stream of the Future Leaders program. It is for youth who have graduated from High School and are looking for mentorship in taking the next steps in their education or career path. The youth apply to the program through an online application and share with OLI their reasons why they are interested in this program and what they are looking for in terms of support. They are then paired up with a mentor, who is carefully picked to correspond with the interests of the alumni, to correspond with bi-weekly communications.

The Alumni Talent youth are also expected to participate in the work experience part of the Future Leaders Program and can apply for specific roles within the Outside Looking In organization. Some of these roles include chaperoning the camp trip, speaking at a conference, travelling to another community to speak about OLI or helping to run rehearsals in their community.

Who Can Participate?

  • Must have graduated High School
  • Must have danced on stage with OLI once beforehand
  • Must commit to volunteering or working a minimum of 20 hours a week
  • Provide a letter form employer with their hours; volunteering must be through an organization and the letter must be on official letterhead
  • Youth are expected to attend any training workshops or seminars set up by OLI
  • Must maintain relationship with mentor

Apply to the Alumni Talent Program

Who can participate in the Future Leaders program?

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