70 Youth set new standard of Performance in 9th Annual OLI Shows

September 6, 2016

closingHundreds of youth from five communities participated in OLI workshops during the 2015/16 program Launches, learning a wide variety of dance moves from professional dancers and choreographers. During initial workshops, youth also became familiar with the standards of performance they needed to demonstrate in order to remain in the program. Criteria falls into four key areas: Attendance, Academics, Behaviour, and Choreography (the ABCs), and reasonable yet challenging standards are determined by their teachers and community volunteers, along with OLI staff, and set out in their community’s custom tailored Program Policy.


Over the course of the program, principals, teachers, volunteers and OLI program staff tracked the progress and attendance of each individual who decided to take on the personal challenge of OLI and was vying to meet the program criteria in order to earn a place on stage. By April, each community had determined the core group of youth who would represent their community on stage at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

This year, a record number of 70 youth reached the goal of travelling to Toronto to perform in the 9th Annual OLI Event. They “wowed” a sold out audience of students at the annual matinee and brought the audience at the evening performance to their feet – a testament to the way OLI youth continue to inspire and amaze onlookers with their raw energy and joy of performance.

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